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WELCOME to the bms choir website!!!

All Information is moved to google classroom.  please check google classroom for new videos, announcements, and practice files.  Thanks! 

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All Practice files are posted under My google classroom!!!  if you have not registered, do so asap.  It was due by 1/29/17!!! 

Please also sign up for my google classroom.  I have two assignments posted on their that you must complete.  Each class has a different code.   

8th Grade Concert Choir code is:  l2pddd

7th  Grade Concert Choir code is: wblovl

8th Grade Bengal Choir code is:  cry1bk9



All new members need to register for the BMS Choir website. 

Here are the steps to register:  

1.  Click "register" link on left side of home page. 

2.  Enter an email and password.  (Please use your school email and the password should be your        six digit birthday)  

3.  Under "Display Name" please use you First Name, Last Initial, and a period.  Look at the 8th            Grade profiles on the site as an example.  ( ex.  Ariana G.  or  Beyoncé K. )   

4.  Age does not matter so choose "do not display my age".  The site does not let you                        create a profile unless you are 13 so even if you are 12, say you are 13.  :) 

5.  Under "Location"  please list your grade NOT Bloomfield.  If you are in 7th Grade write 7th              Grade.      If you are in 8th Grade enter 8th Grade.   (  ex.   8th Grade     7th Grade)   

6.  Then click register.  

7.  When I receive your registration, it will then send you a confirmation email.  You need to check        your email to confirm your registration. 

8.  Once your registration is confirmed, you can add a picture. 


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